Heavy Duty Stairlifts

1000 XXL

In addition to the features and benefits which are known from the 1000 Series the XXL offers you the following extra benefits

An additional 40kg meaning you can confidently accommodate users up to 200kg.

The safe working load of 200kg is currently the highest available in the market.

Double arm spacers
increases the width between the arms of the Smart Seat from 550mm to 637mm.
XXL velcro belt
This extra extra long black belt has velcro on either end to hold it firmly in place (1100 mm. longer than the standard velcro belt).
Extended seat base as standard – extends the Smart Seat depth from 360 mm to 425 mm.
Powered swivel as standard
This makes turning the stairlift seat to get in and out on the landing as easy as possible.
The 1000 XXL offers the choice of manual or powered folding footplate and swivel options.

All stairlifts have safety sensors on the power pack and footplate: these are designed to stop the lift if it meets any obstruction.

Once stopped it can only be moved in the opposite direction of the obstruction.

We also supply our stairlifts with an easily accessible key switch that allows you to disable the lift and prevent unauthorised use so you do not need to worry about unsupervised children playing with your stairlift.

The seat for the 1000 XXL

The seat of the 1000 XXL is supplied with wipe clean, flame retardant upholstery in a choice of six colours. You can even replace upholstery later should you wish to change your colour scheme.

For the 1000 XXL an extended seat base is available which exends the seat base to 425 mm.